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Unique equipment to provide the same amount of solid cooking ingredient (curry rice, clam chowder and so many others) repeatedly in the world

・Example: If you set up 30% filling of curry, the equipment can provide repeatedly the same amount of curry.

・Ancillary work is not required.

・300 dishes can be provided by one equipment in hour.

・Excess’s provision and deterioration loss will be zero means management effectiveness

・Sales results more than 5000 in domestic
It is a computer chip that controlls the movement of the wing accordingly.
It can stir the contents equally before serving
It also keep it away from air, so it stops it from oxidizing. Taste stays fresh for about 8 hours.This machine can make it cold food as well.

The Delicious server can be served you either curry rice or soup with a lot of food ingredients as exactly serving curry or soup in the plate appearing the same shape And it is standout that the curry or soup with food ingredients can also be divided as proper small volume and served in each plate as the same like it is being served at the restaurant, which way never before possible.
When the soup to be served, the temperature must be held constant、The soup should be simmered to avoid scorching、it is necessary for someone must always be stirring the soup. And it is almost impossible for an even practiced cook to dish out the eating soup with a lot of food ingredients in each plate equally by a scoop.   Here we are! now the debut of an excellent U.S. and Japan patented soup serving equipment which is sanitary and in no longer need for cook.
It Is a full scale of equipment such as It can be served the soup with ingredients of fixed proper quantity in proper temperature and sockly.
At fast food restaurant At convenience store At school or company’s dinning hall  

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