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Food van is
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・All Quantity of ingredients and soup can be served as fixed proper quantity till the last one, without scorching and never be boiled down.
・It can be served without contacting air. (it can be prevented from oxidation and the taste never be changed).
・It can be cooked a real delicious soup by whole automatic operation system since it can be boiled down depend upon the cooking course. ( stew, rezote、Rice gruel and the like)  
・For changing maintaining temperature or service discharging quantity can be changed possible freely by switch. Anyone can assemble and disassemble equipment. And also, it is satisfied sanitary aspect that the food materials to be delivered as it is sealed hermetically.
・This system shall be given you a great cost cut down in a financial aspect such as labor cost, installation cost and raw food materials cost. Neither big space nor kitchen is required, and new development of food service facility or sales manner can be available (It may be dealt with Buffet available).

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