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Proposed cases
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◆Designed for no wide space of service facility is required
 100V power source and no water supply piping is required
 Exterior dimension of M1 type : Width (W)200mm×Depth(D)450mm×Height(H)690mm
Exterior dimension of V3 type : Width(W)300mm×Depth(D)522mm×Height(H)726mm
100 v is required for power source therefore, no wiring work for 200 v is required.
Since piping connection work is not required, it can be installed or placed at any place.

◆Assembly or disassembly work of equipment parts iis very simple.
 Daily care of equipment for handling food materials, care should be taken only for liquid contact part,
so That it is easy to handling with.Since it is cartridge system, either assembling or disassembling can be done without using tools.

◆Various kind of food such as Japanese, Western, or Chinese food, all can be acceptable and  avilable, therefore, Delicious servers appear every where and show great activity in serving meals.

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