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Q. What is an excess supply and why an excess supply occurs?
A.If the serve is in the hands of people, there will be an excess supply and will vary on the amount of the serve; delicious server is controlled by a program, and regulates the amount of supply,
So that there will be no change in the supply and can be set in units from 10cc to 100cc, so that excess supply will not occur.
Q. How can this machine preserve food decay ?
A.The structure of the rotary engine patented technology can be kept for a long time since the taste of food (with antioxidant) prevents the contamination at the time of discharge of air.
In addition, it provides non-stick ingredients of not over cooking and by the special program control using the IH (Intelligent Heating).

Q. Are all the ingredients fed into the machine are balanced; and not in fed in an imbalanced way?
A. Yes, the menu does not sink under heavy ingredients, and comes out well balanced.
You can supply a well-balanced meal, so that every time you supply a meal from the machine it stirs uniformly in a special wing like a hopper.
Q. Can you tell me when the food in the machine gets less?
A. A buzzer on the machine will tell you when it is less. (It can be set from the remaining amount of 600cc or less).

Q.How should A,B,C,D of a program be used properly?
A.The program input of the initial setting is carried out with foods.
a large ingredient -- material (corn soup) B: -- a small ingredient -- material (onion soup) C:stew required implement material (Chinese thick, starchy sauce)   D: the ingredient which is boiled, and collapses and is easy to carry out -- material (curry)  
if matching of a preset value and foods cannot be taken -- an ingredient -- please keep in mind that that an ingredient is lost may occur in the remainder or the last.Moreover, a program setup (separately charge) according to the visitor's food preference is possible.

Q How much time does it take for the food to be lukewarm?
A.It becomes the completion of keeping warm from normal temperature (around 24 ℃) before or after 20 minutes by around 80 ℃. Electric energy is set as 0.6kw (low heat heating).
When the demand of electric power is enough, it can be shipped by 1.0kw (high heat heating).

Q.What are the food hygiene standards (NSF), and the electricity and the electric wave safety standards (UL/FCC/JQA) which are carried out by Delicious server acquisition?
A.NSF is the (National Sanitation Foundation)。
NSF standard is prescribed in accordance with public health requirements for various products, and safety.
The NSF, ANSI (American National Standards Institute), SCC from (Standards Council of Canada), where it has been certified and tested, by their standards, development and their certification programs.
NSF certification products, since the test has been carried out actually by an independent third party, will be recognized as valuable testing program.

UL is the abbreviated name for Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (U.S. Underwriters Laboratories).
It decides upon the product safety standard aiming at the standardization about functions and safeties, such as electric apparatus and a product, and is enforcing the valuation method for a setup and an actual evaluation test simultaneously.
Necessity also of the country and company which manufacture and sell the materials exported for the United States with arbitrary attestation systems and a product is carried out in approval of UL.
FCC is the abbreviated name for Federal Communications Commission (Federal Communications Commission).
He is an independent government substitute organization which regulates the unnecessary electromagnetic waves which occur from an electric electronic item.
The prime function of FCC is bearing the recognition to various pieces of the equipment which discharges radio and the regulation on an unnecessary electromagnetic wave obstacle, and recognition business.
JQA is the abbreviated name for Japan Quality Assurance Organization (general foundation   Japan Quality Assurance Organization).
As a fair independent organization, the attestation, the examination, the inspection, etc. about a management system, a product, environment, etc. are carried out.

Q. For using it in this country, what should be attached to an electric socket?
A.Transformer is required, will put the machine transformers required by the country upon request。

Q. Is operation difficult?
A. Since it is easy it can be operated by anyone.
Food supply push the button → → extraction → Add ingredients into the hopper to set the temperature (100cc ~) · supply on the control panel settings
Also, if there is a problem with the assembly of parts cover is closed or not, an error message is displayed on the display,
Can be addressed.

Q. Are there any ingredients that it cannot cope?
A.Solid foods can not be used. Examples: (crab-shrimp shells) (such as clams, clam-shell clam) shells, crustaceans, Gala (such as swine, cattle, birds)
Please have introduced (such as kelp seaweed ·) is cut to within 4cm from seaweed.
Ingredients, please input from cut to within 2 ~ 3cm.
Please do not use ingredients elongated. (Eg bean sprouts of Bowser)

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