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Delicious Server M1 Delicious Server M3
FUI-K-4000-M1 FUI-K-4000-M3
AC100V/115V   50Hz/60Hz AC100V/115V   50Hz/60Hz
Capacity 4,000cc 4,000cc×3
Size 200mm(W)×450mm(D)×690mm(H) 600mm(W)×450mm(D)×690mm(H)
Consumption electricity 0.55kw〜1.1kw 0.55kw〜1.1kw×3
Weight 28kg 84kg
Control Temperature, stirring, thermal insulation, all are automatic
Heating method IH (induction heater)
Quantity to make 0cc〜360cc(10cc unit) S, L reshuffling
Time to start it 2-4 seconds
Materials Product made in stainless steel (Part close against a liquid)(SUS)
Thermal insulation temperature To 100 degrees100℃まで対応可能

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