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Problems on Water
Purification systems
Car type
Skid type
Small size
1.Natural yeast is used. Pretreatment system
2.Energy-saving high pressure Plunger- pumps
3.Original water Manufactue Post-processing system
4.Ecosystem Power generation
5.Small size~movement type a style – various Equipment

•Five features are summarizedcompactly, mobile installation is immediately possible
•An immense space Capital investment of equipment is not needed and introduction is possible at low cost.
•Maintenance - Even if it used every day, a substitute of RO film is once in about 1 to 2 years structure is simply changed
  • Reverse Osmosis membrane – Japanese made
  • Before filtering raw water by RO filter, organic aggregating agent will be used for preprocessing.
  • Organic aggregating is revolutionary effective previous ozone or the other aggregating agent.
    Previous natural precipitation method takes 12 hours but organic aggregating takes only 1munute.
  • Previously preprocessing required construction cost and space, therefore most systems are large. Compact size preprocessing become to able achieve preprocessing by this wild yeast
  • This agent is not depend on chemical treatment therefore concentrated water (drain) can be disposed and contribution to environment will be achieved.
  • Concentrated water (drain) from seawater is abacterial seawater due to no medicine and will utilized for food adaptive for ham process and will be applicable to thalassotherapy.
  • Previous evaporation technology using heat utilized to purify water incurs high cost
  • 10 million tons of seawater is converted to fresh water around the world everyday
  • Facility in Japan can produce 50 tons of fresh water everyday
  • Only water molecules can pass through this membrane
  • Reverse Osmosis was first developed in USA, but through the advancements and improvements made in Japan, Japan has an overwhelming share of RO process Market.
  • Reverse Osmosis membrane plays major and a precious role in producing pure fresh water around the world.
  • Small equipment such as a pump that uses a desalination process can be utilized to compensate for the shortage of pure fresh water around the world.
  • Drinking water production cost: 630~1100 JPY/ton(1 liter of 0.63~1.1 yen)

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