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Water pre-treatment Systems Using Natural yeast, and the impurity should be flocculated and precipitated
before the raw water pass through RO membrane as water pre-treatment

Advantage Point
Since the natural yeast is being used upon the water pretreatment, when the raw water should be passed through the RO membrane. The systems should be applied, the treatment results should be gained in remarkable efficiency in comparison with the conventional Ozone and other flocculent which was used in the past. It used be taken twelve hours by conventional method, however, it takes only one minute to be completed by this system.
A large open space of plant facility and the more construction cost used to be required , consequently, there are still many large scale of unit remained anywhere. However, since the method using the natural yeast, now it is possible for us to proceed the water treatment can be performed by smaller scale and the system has been minimized.
The water pre-treatment should be performed without the chemical agent, consequently, the water (drain) should be deposed of as high concentrated water and it can be used for some other purposes and it leads to the contribution of environmental protection issue.
The concentrated water (drain) to be discharged after having the water treatment, the water should be free of hazardous substances and the concentrated salt water can be used for the food additive on processing of making ham or also to be applied for (Seawater Therapy)

Desalination process
Water intake→preprocessing→filtering→post processing→water discharge→produced water→ultrapure water
Preprocessing: before filtering raw water by RO filter, impure substance will be agglutinated and made sedimentation by organic coagulant.

The pump which can be obtained the high pressure power with the high pressure power of energy saving in efficiency, which should be required for the seawater water passing through the RO membrane (Reverse Osmosis membrane) and tuned into the fresh water.
the lightweight smaller sized pump as called modified “Plunger Pump” which has been developed at the IKUTA Research Institute and It has become possible for us to obtain the high pressure power using by energy saving power in efficiency.
The specification of the pump should be selected for the kind of water (seawater, muddy water, ) or the quality of water.

"Ecosystem power generation" using the natural energy system and
the environmental measures natural energy is installed.

●I am not embarrassed with the power supply in the remote place in the world because it uses the private power generation of the eco-power generating system like solar (sunlight) and the force of the wind, etc. either.
●The harmful gas such as CO2 and oxide of nitrogens is not generated.
●The waste fluid can have the utility value because it doesn't use the medicine for the preprocessing device.

●High grade model will produce mineral water.
●Our engineers have experience to involve overseas many plants.
●New purification system under development is aid receive product by Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
●We are member of Private Sector Vibrancy Development Organization under ministry of METI.
●Our technology is aided by Government of Japan.

These are a part of patents license
【Area of patent technology】
Content of this patent is following;
Utilizing RO filter to desalinate sea water to drinking water and 100V or 200V electric power will drive high pressure pump for producing enough drinking water.
【Effectiveness of patent】
Base on this patent, electric power for home use or battery will produce enough pressure to drive seawater through RO filter, therefore small and less expensive system was realized for install without external power. This system will contribute to have perfect solution regarding drinking water problems in the world.

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