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Company name Internet Japan.,
Representative Gozo Shiina,,President & Chief Executive Officer
Capital 15 millionyen
Address Asahi Bldg.11F,Kanda-Jimbocho 2-14,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 101-0051
TEL 03-5215-2585 FAX 03-5215-2586
Member organizations Minkankatusyoku-kaihatukikouList ofmembers
The Tokyo Chamer of Commerce and Indusry 
Electric Vehicle Safty Association
Companiestrading performance RISEITOCHU Corporation ・Matumono kiyoshi 
Octavia Records Inc.  
Bunkyo CityChou University
・Teiken promotions inc ・Toho Co.,Ltd  
20th Century Fox International ・Takara Leben 
FT Communications Co.,Ltd 
We are looking for Exclusive Distribution rights in your Country
Something we ask of your company
Our products - please sell to the end user of your country.
As the cooperation distributor of our company   Please sell in your country.
Please also become a window of sales of the consumables of a customer.
If trade spreads   Your company may create it a maintenance company.
Furthermore, it is if trade spreads greatly.   Please create the production plant in your country.
Our company does the licensing.   We do offer the technology transfer.

PR (Public Relation) Points
1. Our company - is a trading company treating Japanese technical goods with excellent quality especially on the environmental side.
2. It is a member of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and it  utilizes private enterprises for hardware development. Also it is the member of  the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Our novelty in merchandise is an enterprise for a subsidy in Tokyo.
3. Water Business
Seawater is the most likely commodity of our company which designates the water which is not suited for all beverages as drinking water, but has adopted individual high quality technology. Production and sale of the equipment which forms the tap water for home [mineral water] of the equipment where the river water and the underground water etc are not suited for seawater and the beverage to beverage is conversion.
4. Delicious server -  sales Business

The machine of Tadaichi Sekai who can supply any number of cups of food (in large numbers [ curry, clam chowder, etc. ]) containing solids in a fixed quantity. This apparatus is used where the supplied material until now can be supplied equally and correctly. The loss of oversupply is lost. Further more since degradation of material is little structure abandonment by degradation also decreases sharply. It contributes to operations efficiently.

We have expertise in Echo-tech enterprise such as Pure water-ized system, such as sea water and sewage, where the following treatment is carried out:

Natural yeast is used for the pretreatment which filters raw water by RO film (reverse osmosis membrane).     
・ Compared with ozone and other flocculants which are used until now, it is epoch-making which is efficient. The conventional plain sedimentation system completes this system in only 1 minute and is placed for about 12 hours.   
・ There are many things which has the whole large-sized equipment and in which the space and building expenses like plant equipment are conventionally required for a pretreatment. The pretreatment with the institution of compact size was attained with this natural yeast.   
・ Since chemical processing is not carried out, concentration water (drainage) can be discarded as it is, and a contribution can be greatly done also for  to solve an environmental problem.  
・ Concentration water (drainage) after processing sea water is applicable to the food additive used for ham processing etc., thalassotherapy, etc. for the sterile high concentration salt water which is not used for medicine. In order to make sea water permeate RO film (reverse osmosis membrane) and to make it fresh water, the pump which can obtain high pressure efficiently by energy saving of high-pressure power is needed.
・ At the Ikuta research institute, a lightweight small pump called a plunger pump is developed uniquely, and it has becomes possible to acquire high-pressure power efficiently by energy saving.

・ The specification of a pump is selected according to the kind (sea water, sewage) and supply amount of water of osmosis water.

Since the water after RO film processing turns into fresh water, minerals are also removed. Therefore, it is not desirable to use as drinking water . By using an Ikuta style catalyst and option equipment, manufacture of the characteristics of water in various fields is attained.
Water which can be produced: Pure water, alkali ion water, hydrogen water, mineral water, carbonated water, hard water, soft water, acid water, ozone water, etc.     
It is also possible to make the special water for agriculture with compound technology, such as a special magnetism activity machines.              

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