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Throw away type fire extinguishing Agent.

Throw in a fire extinguishing agent is contained in plastic bottles. This product, remove the ampoule in resin at the time of the fire extinguishing agent from the protective cover fire, use the throw toward the fire source. Fire-extinguishing gas is generated by chemical changes splashing fire extinguishing agent to destroy the ampoule. Is a chemical fire extinguishing equipment to extinguish the fire by virtue of gas.

1. The success of this product is unique and is officially approved by the Japan Firefighters Association.

2.It will minimize the damage to surrounding fire extinguishers, unlike direct extinguishers.

3.Ampoule extinguishing agent is using the fragile plastic bottle safe and special. You do not have to worry about, such as damage to the hand when cleaning up after use.

4.Component of fire extinguishing agent is the main raw material is because it is composed of surfactant and secure is certified as a product test and national food additive in the weak alkaline, the problem does not have any direct contact with skin. If you want to discard, as it is possible to flush it into sewer. (Can also be used as fertilizer for plants and vegetables.)

5. Having the ability to extinguish is outstanding

6.In South Korea it has become a mandatory item for installation by the government.

Removal of lead agent
All products are to be paid in advance. It is paid in advanced at the time of a contract.
I will consider it as FOB Yokohama delivery fundamentally.
Throw away fire-extinguishing cartridge

Will be shipped at any time after the deposit is made. The unit is from of 1000 cartridges

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