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Problems on Water

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Shortage of water is seriously worldwide problems. Existing water in the earth is 14 hundred millionkm3.
97.5% of water is seawater and actual usage fresh water for the human only 0.8 of total water of the earth such as ground water, lake water and river water.

Life water is getting shortage due to population increase and development of industry.
In the future 3/2 of total population of the world may meet shortage of water in 2025. Objected area is Mideast, Africa and Asia.
Due to inadequate infrastructure of processing facility of polluted water and water discharge, health damage is increasing and more than 3,000 people is dying a day in the undeveloped countries.

In 2006, World Water forum was exhibited in Mexico. 140 countries 19,000 people from government, international organization private sector and NGO from 140 countries attended the Forum.
Water business development will make solution for water shortage of the world and water development is expected even now.

・Chronic shortages of water supply area
・At the disaster and emergency
・Utilization in the urban area
For drinking water of the hotel and facility in hard supply of fresh water like Dubai.
・Countries surrounded by sea.
・Purification plant
Easy purification system for permanent installation due to land and fund shortage.
・When natural disaster
For securing safety water when lifeline is terminated caused by earthquake and flood damage.
・Prevention from flowing of chemicals
Permanent installation of assumed the case about accidental dangerous chemicals flowing to the drain outlet at industry and school.
・For Self-Defense Forces and Fire Department
・For facilities of local municipality or huge complex, sports facility
・Utilization in the urban area
For water recycle for difficulty area of freshwater supply such as Singapore
・High security installation
Install high security water purification system for restaurants and hotels using tap water
・Water for industry
Recycle water by water purification facility which owned by the industry
・Value improvement of real estate
By introducing purifying system to single family house or apartment, additional value such as mineral water from water outlet will be promoted.

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