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Introduction example
Menu example

What is a Hitotsubo tempo
Proposed cases
Case Study
Proposed business category

Food van is
Proposed cases
Case Study
Cost benefits
●Reduce labor costs(For automatic cooking)
●Reduction in raw material costs
(The amount of destruction is depleted by metering function and antioxidant)
●Reduction of cost of equipment
(Store operation is possible in a small space)
●Reduction of indirect costs
(Electricity costs about 30 yen per day)

Up new sales in the menu
●You can be introduced easily have cost time and money to keep warm and cook until now, but also a new menu of ingredients.

Without the burden of implementation
●Since I work with power 100V, can be installed anywhere.
 (Space is available for sale at the counter)
●I easily handle anyone.
 (It is also easy towards part-time)

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