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Food van is
Proposed cases
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Recently business without previous way is focused.
Among the business existing operating shops are concerned about delivery sales type beside costumer waiting type business. People are interested in delivery type shop because of its aggressive and active feature of business.
Food van movable anywhere anytime has a chance to be at customer gathering area other than restricted area and you are able to expand business in broad areas.
Food van of Internet Japan is capable to reduce room temperature of galley in the van by installation of delicious server and is capable to sale many kind of recipes even in narrow space of van.

Good point of the movement sale car

All electrification; Even in narrow space, foods can be provided effectively and hygienically and employee can manage business comfortably.
Reduce investment cost in opening business; Owner can reduce the initial investment cost rather than previous business.
Hygienically provide foods; we can offer the best van hygienically and high performance van with dispelling previous image of van.

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